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It’s the perfect party favor that’s delicious, educational and fun but now you can celebrate with a total Yowie party!

We’ve created the ultimate Yowie party toolkit from decorations and party games through to enjoying delicious party treats to try at your next event.

There’s no better party than a Yowie party, and whether you plan an entire party themed around Yowie, or treat your guests to the perfect party favor, they’re sure to have ball (and score themselves a smart treat that‘s delicious, 100% Milk Chocolate, sustainably sourced and Rainforest Alliance Certified, AND contains no GMOs, Palm Oil, Gluten or Nuts!).

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Txt Party Favor

For the ultimate party favor that kids will love discovering, Yowie ticks all the boxes as a delicious 100% milk chocolate with an animal collectible that is as cute as it is educational!

Yowie is the Smart Treat for a reason and makes learning about endangered animals easy, fun and it’s the perfect party favor to take home after a great party! Don’t forget to add in a Yowie Puzzle and personalize your favors by printing, coloring and writing a name on a Yowie Party Favor Tag and tying one to each goodie bag.

Img Ring Toss

Are you ready to ring toss!? To play this game, all you need is a box of Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolates and something in the shape of a ring (like a bracelet or roll of tape).

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The aim of the game is to lay out all the Yowie chocolates on the floor and have party guests take turns in tossing the ring, aiming to make it land around a Yowie! If a player successfully throws the ring onto a Yowie, they get to keep that Surprise-Inside!

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Img Birthday Invitations

Do you have a kids birthday party coming up? Why not let the fun begin before the party guests even arrive with these DIY Yowie Party Invitations!?

Break out the colored markers/pencils and let the creative juices flow by making your own personalized party invitations to send out to guests!

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Txt Party Decorations

Why buy party decorations when you could have so much fun creating your own with Yowie?!

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For your next children’s birthday party, print out these party decorations and get coloring! It’s a sure way to create maximum fun when setting up a kids party.

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Img Party Hats
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For a pre-party activity to pass the time, or a fun craft activity for all guests to enjoy, making your own Yowie party hats is sure to be hit!

Not only will your party guests have the best-looking party hats in town, but you could also hold a competition for the most creative design! Print off the downloadable Yowie Party Hat template and start making!

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Txt Name Label

Kids parties are SO. MUCH. FUN! But one thing that is ALWAYS a challenge is keeping track of which cups and plates belong to who!

Img Name Label

To stop this mix-up mayhem from happening, we have created Yowie Name Labels to stick to each party guests’ plate and cup to put a stop to the confusion. And the best part about these name labels? They double as a coloring in, a perfect ice-breaker activity for guests as they start to arrive! Check out our instructions below to make your own.

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Img Spoon Race

Yowie Spoon Race – A Yowie Twist to a Classic Party Game!

All you need for this simple yet fun party game is a Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolate and a spoon for each player!

Simply get all players to begin at the starting line and place their Yowie on their spoons. When you call “go!”, everyone races to the end, trying to keep their Yowie on their spoon. The first person to cross the finish line without dropping their Yowie wins! If you drop your Yowie, head back to the start line and start again. And don’t forget, no holding your Yowie on your spoon with your free hand!

Img Catch That Yowie

Catch That Yowie!

Are you ready to test your coordination? This party game calls for pairs! Once all players have a partner, ask each group to find their own space.

Ask both members of each pair to face each other and stand 3 steps apart. When it’s time to begin, each pair will throw one Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolate between them. Each time both members of the partnership successfully throw and catch their Yowie, they take a step backwards, away from each other. The last pair standing who hasn’t dropped their Yowie wins!

Img Pass That Yowie

Pass the Yowie!

It’s Hot Potato (pass the parcel), with a Yowie twist!

To play, have all party guests sit in a circle on the floor. When the music plays, party guests continually pass a box of Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolates around the circle. When the music stops, whoever is holding the box gets to open the lid, pick their favorite Yowie and unwrap it. This yummy 100% milk chocolate makes for a smart Hot Potato!

Img Yowie Hunt

We’re Going on a Yowie Hunt!

Are you ready for a Yowie scavenger hunt?

To set up this game, hide as many Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolates around the house/garden as you like (making sure none of the party guests are peeking!). When you say “Go!”, all players will launch into a Yowie search party… whoever finds the most chocolates in 5 minutes wins the game!