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Looking for a fun way to get your little ones to keep up with their chores? A Yowie Rewards Chart is the perfect way to turn boring chores into a fun game, get kids to stay on track AND score a tasty treat at the end of each week!

Simply download our FREE Yowie Rewards Chart below, fill it in, pop it on your fridge and let the chores games begin! Don’t forget to cross off each square as daily chores get completed, working your way to the end of the week when your little one gets their tasty reward.

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More Than Just
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You can rest assured that when handing your child a Yowie treat, along with delicious, 100% Milk Chocolate which is sustainably sourced, Rainforest Alliance Certified AND contains no GMOs, Palm Oil, Gluten or Nuts, they are getting a surprise that will keep rewarding them long after those weekly chores are done!

Alongside their new endangered animal collectible and information leaflet, we’ve put together some fun activities to help your kids make the most of their Yowie Surprise-inside reward. Check them out below:

Txt Display Their Hard Work

Encourage your little ones to be proud of their hard work with this collectible display stand, made out of Yowie capsules!

Each time they get a new Yowie reward, they can add to their display stand – a true show of all the chores they’ve done and a great way to re-use their rewards!

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Txt Create Capsule

Who said their new collectible is the only way to have fun with a Yowie surprise?

Turn the capsule from their reward into a fun creature of its very own, with this easy and fun DIY craft your little ones will love.

Txt Tend A Capsule

Get your little ones gardening with their new Yowie capsules!

Simply re-use the capsules as pots and fill them with soil, plant a seed, and watch it grow. Who knew a Yowie reward could grow into something so beautiful?!

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Txt Where To Buy

Find Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolates at retailers in the United States and Australia.

Or request them to be stocked in your favorite local store.

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Want to know more about the nutritional information of our products?

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