Yowie Surprise Inside

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100% milk chocolate with a collectible endangered animal toy surprise inside!

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Image Surprise Inside C

Yowie Surprise Inside

Delicious sustainably sourced chocolate!

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Image Bites A

Yowie Bites

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100% milk chocolate bites + 2 surprises inside!

Yowie Bites

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Learn about your favorite animals and where they come from + build your habitat map!

3d Puzzle Map

Yowie Gummies

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Enjoy gummy candy in 5 delicious flavors + comes with a mystery toy!

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Image Gummies C

Yowie Gummies

Learn fascinating facts about pets & collect all 16!

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The sweet way to learn

Yowie makes learning about wildlife and endangered species fun!

Play & Learn

Meet the gang

Rumble, Squish, Crag, Boof, Nap and Ditty are here to help you learn!

Meet the Yowie
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Collect them all

Keep track of your collection virtually!

Download the Yowie Collector app and simply tap to tick off the animals and characters you have found.

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Join the Yowie on their adventure as they champion the cause of our threatened environment.

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Play games to learn about animals & the natural world!

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