YOWIE makes learning about your favorite animals fun!

From wild animal cartoons, online games and quizzes, to easy crafts for kids, we’ve got something for the whole family! Plus, our kids activities make it easy to learn about vulnerable species and endangered animals, and we’ve got tons of FREE games to get you started.

Ditty With Crayon
Nap On Tv Cartoon (1)


They’re going on an adventure…do you know where it will lead? Explore the wildlife Yowasis with Rumble, Squish, Crag, Boof, Nap and Ditty! Foil the plans of the Grumkin, save the natural world, spot some cute wild animals and learn something along the way in the Yowie crew’s epic animal cartoons!

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Why not test your skills on the Yopter or outsmart us in one of our clever quizzes, all while learning about wildlife and endangered species!? Plus, download the Yowie Collector app to digitally keep track of your Yowie Surprise Inside collectibles. The Yowie animal games have the tick of approval from parents and kids, being both fun and educational. Have fun and play today!

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Crag Yowie Yopter
Nap Behind Tree


Head-scratching, mind-boggling and jaw-dropping brain teasers that really get you thinking! If you’re looking for kids activities to keep the little ones busy, then you’re in luck! Pass the time with spot-the-difference challenges, word finds, math games, endangered species puzzles, and more featuring the cute animals in your Yowie collection.

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Crafts and Printables

When you’re in need of fun activities for kids, our Yowie crafts & printables sure do come in handy! We’ve got a long list of simple arts and crafts activities to help kids learn about wild animals. Using surprise chocolate egg toys, upcycled DIY projects and printable activities, you can learn about critically endangered species while having fun too.

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Squish With Scissors
Boof With Book

Blogs and How-Tos

Do you love all things Yowie? Our Blogs and How-To Guides will give you plenty of ideas for fun kids activities to play, delicious treats and recipes to make with your Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolate eggs. Plus, learn about clever ways to become eco-friendly, embark on a nature scavenger hunt for kids, and discover more interesting facts about wildlife and the most endangered animals in the wild.

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