Recycled Yowie Garland

Yowie Section Curve Purple 07

What you’ll need:

  • Yowie surprise inside capsules (approx. 15 capsules )
  • Yarn or string (approx. 120cm)
  • Pom pom balls or felt balls
  • Craft knife
  • Large sewing needle


Step 1. Cut the yarn to size. Approximately 90cm was used however it will depend on how many capsules you have and where you want to hang the garland.

Step 2. Using the craft knife, cut two holes at the top of each capsule to allow for the yarn to thread through.

Step 3. Thread the needle with the yarn.

Step 4. Thread a pom pom onto the yarn and slide it close to the end of the string, leaving enough space to allow you to tie the garland at the end

Step 5. Tread through a capsule and continue the process until all the garland is finished, ensure you end with a pom pom.

Step 6. Hang in your desired location

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