Make a Display Stand

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What You Will Need:

  • Empty Yowie capsules
  • Blu-tack/adhesive putty
  • Your favorite Yowie collectibles


  1. Remove all collectibles from your Yowie capsules.
  2. Using blu-tack, stick two capsule halves together side-by-side.
  3. Lean these capsules against a wall or windowsill where you want to display your collectibles.
  4. Continue to stick capsule halves together until you have enough to form a solid base (4 or 5 wide).
  5. Now start to build your display stand up by sticking capsule halves on top of the bottom layer. Remember to use blu-tack on all the points where one capsule will meet another.
  6. Once you have built your stand up as high as you want, you can fill your stand with your favorite collectibles!
Crafts And Printables Make A Display Stand

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