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Yowie Section Curve Purple 07

What You Will Need:

  • Clear jar with lid
  • Water
  • Glycerin/Clear glue
  • Yowie collectible
  • Tree figurine
  • White glitter
  • Super glue


  1. Using super glue, carefully glue your Yowie collectible to the inside of the jar lid. Glue any other suitable figurines, such as trees or bushes. Allow to dry for as long as your super glue tube suggests.
  2. Fill your jar with water, leaving room at the top to ensure it doesn’t overflow when you add your collectible.
  3. Add one small drop of glycerin or a squeeze of clear glue.
  4. Add glitter to your jar, adding more or less depending on how snowy you want your snow globe to be.
  5. Screw your lid onto the jar, carefully inserting your collectible.
  6. Flip upside down and shake your brand new snow globe!
    Crafts And Printables Make A Snow Globe

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