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We are spreading kindness this Easter, and we need YOUR help! Are you ready to create a special adventure your neighbor will never forget? Create your own Easter egg hunt filled with kindness.

Using the Yowie capsule, write a note for your neighbor and hide it in their mailbox to find.

What You Will Need:

  • 1 x Yowie Surprise Inside Chocolate
  • Paper
  • Pen/pencil
  • Decorations of your choice for your capsule (E.g. glitter, glue, colored markers, ribbon)


  1. Unwrap a Yowie.
  2. Open the capsule and remove your collectible.
  3. Write a kind note to your neighbor.
  4. Fold your note and put it to the side for now.
  5. Decorate your capsule however you like, get creative with glue, glitter and colored markers!
  6. Place your letter inside the capsule. You can also place a small gift inside, if you like.
  7. Close your freshly decorated capsule and deliver it to your neighbor’s mailbox!
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