Txt Will You Be My Yowietine

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Yowie is the sweetest way,
to say I love you!

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This Valentine’s Day treat your loved ones to some extra special Yowie love, and celebrate Yowie-tine!

From easy crafts for kids to Valentine’s Day gift ideas, Yowie-tine offers so many ways to make your loved ones feel special. After all, the sweetest gifts of all come from the heart and with a surprise inside.

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Txt A Cheesy Cake
There’s no better way to say ‘I Love You’ than with the sweetest treat of all, a delicious Yowie chocolate. This Valentine’s Day, turn a Yowie into an even bigger surprise by filling the chocolate halves with a Strawberry & Cream No-Bake Cheesecake!

This tasty sweet treat is easy to make – it really is a piece of cake!

Txt A Yowie Message
Help your loved ones feel extra special this Valentine’s Day, and give the gift of a sweet message from the heart! Pull at the heartstrings of your animal lover friends and family, and create your very own vibrant Yowie Hearts paired with a matching Yowie collectible and love note.
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Get creative, strap on your Valentine’s Day pun-hat, and come up with the perfect sweet note.

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Txt You're So Sweet
If your special one is a book lover then this is the ideal gift for them! A handmade Yowie bookmark, made with love!
All you need to do is print your very own customizable Yowie bookmark, color it in and make someone’s special day oh so sweet!
Txt A Surprise Banquet
While a bouquet of flowers are very pretty, they’re no match for a delicious bouquet of Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolates.
Really, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
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You can easily make a Yowie Bouquet at home, in just a few simple steps…

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Txt Gifting Swing Tag
Have you got a special gift ready for your loved one (perhaps a box of Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolates…)? Well, now it’s time to add the finishing touches!

Show your loved ones how much you care by putting time and effort into creating a special Yowie gift tag to add to your gifts!

Txt Fun Valentines
With Valentine’s Day coming up, look no further than these fun and crafty ways to celebrate love with your friends and family! After all, a hand-made gift is one of the greatest gifts of all!
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Plus, these Valentine’s Day activities are so much fun that kids won’t even notice they are developing fine motor and learning skills!