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From our core Surprise-Inside Chocolates and their limited-edition collectibles that hide within, to exciting seasonal releases, there’s a Yowie treat for everyone to enjoy!

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Surprise inside

Each Surprise-Inside Chocolate egg is a treasure hunt just waiting to be discovered; from the moment the bright foil wrapping catches your eye, to the first time our 100% Milk Chocolate melts in your mouth, and (at last!) getting to crack open your capsule to reveal your surprise inside!

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With just one bite, you’ll experience our high quality chocolate which is non-GMO, nut free, gluten free and both Kosher and Halal certified – making our Surprise-Inside Chocolates enjoyable for fans all over the world!

Upon peeking into your recyclable Yowie capsule (don’t forget to squeeze to open!) you’ll discover a limited-edition, life-like collectible animal or Yowie character hiding inside, which are all hand-painted! Look further still and you’ll find a leaflet that unlocks exciting facts about your collectible, including its endangerment status and where you can find it in the wild.

There really is no sweeter way to learn about how to protect our world and the wonderful creatures we share it with, than through a chocolate surprise!

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Start or continue your Yowie collection in triple speed with an exclusive opportunity to collect animals from the highly sought after (and no longer available for purchase) Premier Series and the Animal Kingdom Series. The Yowie multi-pack includes TWO delicious Surprise-inside 100% milk chocolate eggs and one BONUS endangered species animal collectible from either the first or second Yowie series.

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*Available only in the U.S.

Score Big And Collect Your Team
Available in IGA and Coles stores in VIC, SA, WA, TAS
Available in IGA and Coles stores in NSW, QLD, ACT

Get ready to tackle the ultimate treasure hunt as we present our limited edition AFL and NRL series.

Unleash your inner collector in the most delicious way possible!

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Find Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolates at retailers in the United States and Australia.

Or request them to be stocked in your favorite local store.

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