Yowie Surprise Inside Animals with Superpowers – Featured on Family Ever After

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Family Ever After recently featured the new Yowie World Surprise Inside Series “Animals with Superpowers!” in a recent article! Check it out below.

Teaching Animals’ Superpowers Never Tasted Sweeter

September 30, 2021.

Comic book superheroes are impressive, but even more impressive are the natural superpowers of animals. Having teachable moments to share the wonders of Mother Nature with kiddos is just what confectionery brand Yowie is doing with its new surprise inside chocolates series called “Animals with Superpowers.”

From an animal that can carry ten times its natural weight to an arachnid that can taste and smell with the hairs on its body, children and families will delight in learning about an entirely new variety of endangered species. Children beam with excitement as they unwrap the brightly colored foil Yowie characters, and open the egg to discover fascinating endangered species like the sunflower sea star, a dingo, a spotted hyena, and amur leopard.

News Surprise Inside Confectionery Brand Launches Blast02

Collectors can be on the lookout for a peacock tarantula and a rusty-patched bumble bee too. Animals with Superpowers also include two new species discovered in recent years – a mutable rain frog discovered in 2009 and a ruby-eyed green pit viper discovered in 2011. There’s even an opportunity to obtain Nap and Crag as collectible glitter characters.

Having teachable moments with kids using sustainably sourced chocolate is a parenting win.

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