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Sweeten the Season

The holidays always come around so quickly, so if you’re looking for something special for your stocking stuffers or ideas for secret Santa gifts, look no further than the chocolate egg that keeps on giving! We think that Yowie Surprise-Inside is the best chocolate to give as gifts to those that love chocolate, want to help save the natural world, and enjoy collecting toys along the way!

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Pair your chocolate gifts with a special Holiday coloring in card made specially by you for someone you love. Add a little Yowie magic to your holidays!

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Why not create your very own Yowie chocolate gift baskets to give to your friends and family? A holiday hamper filled with Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolates and Yowie Bites to share with others during the festive season captures what the holidays are really about – sharing with and caring for loved ones! You can find Yowie chocolates at retailers in the United States and Australia.

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