You and Yowie: Protecting the Natural World

Yowie Rainforest Alliance Donation

You and Yowie: Rainforest Alliance Donation Makes a Difference

At Yowie, we value the natural world and want to protect it. We believe that everyone can make a difference and that all efforts count, no matter how large or how small. If each of us takes action in some way, we can effect positive change for the planet and all of the creatures that call it home. 

Thanks to you, our fans who believe in and support our mission, we were able to make a recent donation to help protect the natural world. This summer, on the heels of the tragic Amazon forest fires, we donated $20,000 to the Rainforest Alliance in the name of every one of you who supports Yowie. 

Each time you make a purchase from Yowie, a portion of the proceeds is donated to an organization that helps support and protect the environment. Your help means everything because together we can do more for the environment than any one of us can do individually.

You Make a Donation to the Rainforest Alliance Possible

Fans like you make donations like this (as well as our continual support of the Rainforest Alliance) a reality instead of just a wish. We are thankful to you because Yowie is here for more than selling candy. Our mission is to make learning about eco-conservation FUN, which helps empower all of us to work toward making real change, every day and in every way that we can.

What’s the Rainforest Alliance?

An international non-profit, the Rainforest Alliance is an organization deeply committed to ensuring a positive future for the planet and all of its residents. In fact, their mission is “building an alliance to create a better future for people and nature.” Specifically, this organization works towards the building and protection of thriving forests and healthy forest communities. This is a Yowie type of mission.

Yowie Rainforest Alliance Donation (1)

With a reach spanning over 60 different countries, the Rainforest Alliance partners with people, governments, farming and forest communities, and businesses, working towards the conservation of forests and the creation and improvement of sustainable livelihoods.  Here are just some of the ways the Rainforest Alliance strives to impact the planet:

    • By supporting and driving positive change at the intersection of businesses and forests
    • By working for the mitigation of climate change as well as by helping people to adapt to it
    • By helping people like us to spread awareness and work in our own ways to protect biodiversity
    • By helping to make sustainable practices not a welcome surprise but the new normal

Why Rainforest Alliance?

We chose to make this donation to the Rainforest Alliance because we believe in its mission and see the impact they have. In fact, we’re proud to be a Rainforest Alliance certified partner, which means our chocolate meets the organization’s high standards for being sustainably and fair-trade sourced. An added bonus is the Rainforest Alliance’s widespread reach. We are happy to help make positive change around the world.

There’s No Stopping Us Now

Each and every time you enjoy a Yowie surprise-inside chocolate, Yowie Bites or Yowie Gummies you are doing something to make a difference to wildlife preservation. Together, we can continue to support organizations like the Rainforest Alliance that are on the frontlines of making this world we live in better for future generations. Thank you!