20 Clever Ways to ‘Reduce Reuse and Recycle’ Every Day

20 Clever Ways to 'Reduce Reuse Recycle'

As good citizens of the world, it is our responsibility to take care of our home. Just like we want to have a safe and clean house, it’s important to maintain a safe and clean environment as well. By taking steps toward being more eco-friendly, we can help reduce the risk of some animal species going extinct, disease from pollution, unsafe drinking water, and erosion. Luckily for the human race and every other species that depend on the planet for sustenance, there are lots of changes that we can make that can help to support the healing of our planet.

One of the easiest things we can do to help our environment can be done right at home! Think green with “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Conserve Energy Future says, “By refusing to buy items that you don’t need, reusing items more than once and disposing of the items that are no longer in use at appropriate recycling centers, you can contribute towards a healthier planet.” Essentially, by producing less waste (reduce), and reusing as much of your waste as possible, then there will be less to recycle. This is called “waste hierarchy.”

The more you look for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, the more ways you’ll find! We asked our Yowie fans to share how they practice the 3 Rs and collected some incredible tips to share with everyone.

Reduce Reuse Recycle at Home

Making small changes at home can lead to a big impact on reducing your carbon footprint. Here are a few of our favorite tips from Yowie fans on how they make a difference in their own homes. 

Melanie H. suggests closing off rooms that you are not using to reduce the need for heating fuel. You can also keep a warm blanket in your TV room to wrap up instead of turning up the heat. New oversized throws are big enough to cover you up. Fold a pretty throw over the back of each chair.

Another eco tip from Melanie H.: Add extra insulation to crawl spaces and attics to reduce the amount of fuel needed to keep your house warm.

Samantha P. says that they like to use cloth napkins instead of paper disposable napkins. That definitely makes dinner more elegant and eco-friendly!

We loved seeing how many people are bringing reusable grocery bags when they shop, like Sharon D. Another tip she shared was to reuse dryer sheets to wipe the dust from heat/AC vents. Great tip, Sharon!

Reduce Reuse Recycle Crafts and Hobbies

When it’s time to pull out the crafting supplies for a little DIY session, remember “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. We love to reuse things, like our owl craft for kids that uses upcycled materials! 

Here’s one of our favorite tips from Jessica D.: “I always save little things throughout the year such as toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls newspaper and so much more to make arts and crafts out of all of it. Always reuse as much as you possibly can. There are a million things you can recycle and reuse.” 

Kristina C. said that they like to make holiday crafts from boxes, wrapping paper, and bows, etc. “Not only is it a great eco-tip but it’s fun for the kids! Reindeer antler headbands, holiday boxes to put away your Christmas decor, the possibilities are endless.” We’d love to see those reindeer antler headbands, Kristina!

Do you reuse your Yowie eggs? Micki L. commented on our Facebook page to say that her family reuses Yowie eggs for Easter egg hunts. 

@allycarl on Instagram says, “Decorate toilet paper rolls, put little candies inside of them, and fold the ends shut for perfect stocking stuffers!”

Reduce Reuse Recycle When Away from Home

Whether you’re on a road trip, sporting event, vacation, or your daily commute, there are many ways you can stay green!

Rachel H. shared her favorite eco-tip for road trips: “We pack our lunch when we travel far. Plastic reusable containers are perfect for a sandwich and sides for the kiddos!”

Save the turtles! Kristi F. said, “We use stainless steel straws so we aren’t adding more plastic to our environment! Plus, we take them when we go out to restaurants, too. Also, we have used reusable grocery bags for years now!” 

Another way that you can reduce reuse and recycle when you’re traveling: make responsible choices when you dine. By choosing a sit-down restaurant with real plates and silverware, you are cutting down on the amount of single-use plastic and packaging you use. You can also bring your own silverware when you do have to grab something on the go and ask the restaurant not to include any.

Reduce Reuse Recycle Gift Giving

Giving gifts can naturally produce more waste than usual, from extra packaging, wrapping paper, and decorations. Eco-friendly stocking stuffers are a great start towards sustainability and reducing waste around the holidays, but what about birthdays, anniversaries or other gift-giving occasions? Our followers had some great eco-tips for that, too! Here are some of our favorites:

We love this idea from @amanda.townsend.56679 on Instagram: “This year, my 16 y/o son wrapped all his presents for family members in household towels. Unwrap, fold, then put back into the linen closet.” That’s a great idea! We love seeing kids getting involved in eco-friendly choices!

Julie W. reminds us to use reusable cloth gift bags for presents. “They come in all shapes, colors and sizes and you can also make them! Also, have reusable chalkboard tags. Makes no mess at Christmas time too!”

“Consider giving eco-friendly or green gifts. One year we were gifted a membership to our local zoo and it was the present that got used all year long!” That’s a great idea, Griselda A! Giving gifts that last a long time, especially ones that you can share with your whole family, are a great way to go green. 

Looking for a fun idea for wrapping gifts? @luv_mydachshund says, “We like to use comics paper from the newspaper as our wrapping paper for gifts.” Reusing comics is a clever and adorable way to wrap gifts!

Katie C. had several ideas for reduce, reuse, and recycle: “Reusing gift boxes each year, as well as using washable dishes instead of paper! We also use a fabric tablecloth instead of paper! And all food is made in and brought in washable dishes.”

Five More Clever Ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

First, reduce the amount of waste you produce by only buying what you need in as little packaging as possible. Then, reuse what you can, finding clever ways to repurpose items. Lastly, recycle recycle recycle. Here are a few more tips from our Yowie fans: 

Michelle S. shared her tip for Christmas trees: “Recycle or Compost your Christmas tree. You can also donate your trees to zoos. They use them for the enrichment of many animals. And some are able to eat the trees.” 

Jeannie L. says, “I always keep boxes and bags so that I can reuse them at a later date. I recycle all of my aluminum cans. I also compost and use that in my flower beds.” 

Here’s a beauty tip that also saves money from Lisa R.! “I save in disposable razors by sharpening the blades on a large matchbox. It only takes a few strokes and dull blades come back to life and are sharp to continue to use the razor. Razors are so very expensive and I do save a bundle this way and also the idea of continuing to use the same product so less ends up in landfills.”

“We keep bees!” We love that you’re helping save the bees, Paula P.!

@margyrich83 says that they buy secondhand when possible. “We try to limit our consumption of clothing and furniture/household items by buying second hand whenever possible!”

Not only are these practical tips great for reducing your carbon footprint and making a difference in protecting the environment, but many of them will help your wallet, too! For example, investing in a reusable water bottle will help keep single-use plastic bottles out of the landfills and prevents you from having to buy bottles of water all the time. Buying secondhand from yard sale sites or thrift stores helps reuse items that others no longer need, and can save you a little money as well. Making an effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle with your family will reinforce a love for the planet in your children and help develop a lifetime of good habits.