The Yowie are on a mission to teach us about endangered animals and their habitats!

Meet the Yowie! Rumble, Squish, Crag, Boof, Nap and Ditty are here to teach us about endangered animals, their habitats, and all the reasons why it’s important to protect these animals in the wild.

Each Yowie is responsible for protecting a different habitat and are friends with all the animals who live there.

Rumble and the gang were first sighted in Australia back in the 1990s by adventurous rangers. Yowie is the Australian word for ‘sasquatch’ and actually means ‘hairy people’ – our six furry Yowie friends are definitely hairy!

The Yowie all live together in the Yowasis where they are ALWAYS ready to jump into action to come to the defense of wild animals and the habitats they protect.

Would you like to know more about the Yowie mission? Check out our Play & Learn page where you’ll find games, challenges and even activities that can be used to help you and your friends learn about endangered species through awareness, education and, most of all – fun!

Meet the Yowie Watch the Cartoons
Yowie 1 (4)
Rumble Tag

Rumble is cousin to the red kangaroo, keeper of the plains and deserts too.

As leader of the Yowie tribe, he is an excitable, rough and tumble character. Inclined to be impatient, Rumble’s bark is far worse than his bite and underneath it all he has a heart of pure gold dedicated to conservation.

Rumble's Cartoon
Crag Tag

Crag is part crocodile; if you come to the marshlands Crag will always give you a smile.

Crag is the meanest looking of all the Yowie but behind that crocodilian smile is a heart that’s as kind as it is courageous. Vigilant keeper of his habitat, Crag leaves nothing to chance in defending all the wet and muddy creatures in the marshlands, swamp and backwater.

Crag's Cartoon
Yowie 1 (12)
Yowie 1 (7)
Squish Tag

Squish is not far away where the water runs deep and the platypus play, watching over the rivers and sparkling streams, where sunbeams on water glitter and gleam.

Part playful platypus, duck, and beaver, Squish is as bubbly as a babbling brook, as sparkling as a waterfall, and as content as a slow flowing river. Protector of our waterways, she is always happy and energetic; the jester of the Yowie tribe and friend to all.

Squish's Cartoon
Ditty Tag

Ditty is not quite a wombat, not a wombat that’s true, but if you go down to the woodlands and meadows Ditty takes good care of you. 

Ditty is the poet and dramatist of the Yowie tribe, spending time foraging with cousin wombat, frolicking in the forest and conducting cicada and cricket concerts. He is a determined and dramatic protector of the woodland and meadows habitat and the animals who make it their home.

Ditty's Cartoon
Yowie 2 (14)
Yowie 2 (10)

Boof is part bandicoot and lives deep inside a bottlebrush root.

Boof loves to play and watch over the rainforests and mountains, chasing bugs and butterflies along the way. He is delightfully unpredictable and the ever-funny clown of the Yowie tribe. Boof is inclined to be a little clumsy as he trips among the tree roots and toadstools but is always around when needed to help in a crisis.

Boof's Cartoon
Nap Tag

Nap lives at the top of a tree where the koalas snooze and the winds blow free, she guards the treetops and the sky above, with owls and kookaburra, as a labour of love.

Nap is the wise one of the Yowie tribe, most at home among the treetops closest to the sky! With a tendency to doze off at any time caressed in dreams by breeze and gum blossoms, this never stops Nap from being on alert in her lofty habitat.

Nap's Cartoon
Yowie 1 (2)