Find out how you can help endangered animals all over the world with Yowie!

An important part of learning about the natural world is finding out how we can work together to take care of it. Together we can make a difference and help protect endangered species and their habitats.

All animals, big and small, play an important part in our ecosystem. At Yowie, we love making learning about endangered and vulnerable animals fun. By supporting Yowie you are also supporting conservation charities around the world.

Did you know every time you enjoy a Yowie chocolate, game or book, you are investing in the protection of animals and their habitats?

Look what your support of Yowie has made possible!

Efforts supported from July 2018 to June 2019

Mother Ape And Baby

Saving the Apes

Your support of Yowie has helped combat the hunting and habitat loss of apes in various parts of Africa. As a result, many ape populations are now stable in those areas. We are thrilled to have supported these amazing efforts to save the great apes.

Stabilising the elephants

Your support of Yowie has helped to stabilize several elephant populations in northern Congo with efforts like arresting poachers and ivory traffickers and by taking down over half of the trafficking networks in a major national park in Indonesia.

Elephant In The Wild
Tiger On A Rock

Expanding the tigers

Your support of Yowie has helped grow tiger populations significantly in Indonesia by helping to stop habitat destruction and illegal hunting of tigers and the animals they depend on for food. A great example of small changes making a big difference.

Combating climate change

Your support of Yowie has even helped create wildlife protected areas. Most recently those have included areas that are major feeding grounds for penguins, sea lions, fur seals, sharks, rays, and also home to corals, mollusks, and sponges.

Yowie Underwater