Halloween 2021 01
Halloween 2021 02

Calling young vampires, witches and zombies with stitches, get ready for a fright!
Decorate your homes with all things creepy, and games that might make you scream,
Trick or Treat with Yowie this year and have a spooky Halloween!

Halloween 2021 29
Halloween 2021 30

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some yummy sweets. Why not make your own Spooky Surprise-Inside desserts and fill your chocolate shells with jello monsters?!

The spookier you can make them… the better!

Halloween 2021 19
Halloween 2021 03

Halloween decorations for your front door are a must to let other trick or treaters know that you’re celebrating Halloween this year. Make a great first impression and greet your guests with a Halloween themed Yowie door hanger.

Simply download, print, and color in the Yowie door hanger, then cut it out and hang it on your front door!

Halloween 2021 04
Halloween 2021 05

It’s not Halloween without sweet treats to enjoy! Why not make a ghostly bowl to share your Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolates with your friends and family? Watch the tutorial below to make your own!

TIP! Once you’ve eaten your yummy Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolate, save your foil wrapper, capsule, toy collectible and fact sheet. You can use these for games and activities later on!

Halloween 2021 06

Continue the Halloween fun and get creative with your capsules. Using a little hocus-pocus, turn them into something Halloween-y by simply drawing a spooky design on your capsule. Try a vampire, ghost or zombie! 

Halloween 2021 09
Halloween 2021 08

Continue the fun with your decorated capsules by playing a Halloween version of ‘Guess Who’ with your spooky creations. Gather with your guests and take turns at selecting a capsule with your eyes closed, then make a guess on what you have in your hands!

Is that a vampire, a ghost or a zombie in your palms…you’ll soon find out!

Halloween 2021 25
Halloween 2021 10

Here’s a twist on the tradition… fill your capsule with something frightening like squishy slime or a creepy Peacock Tarantula, or something sweet like delicious Yowie chocolate, and play a game of trick or treat with your friends!

Halloween 2021 13
Halloween 2021 26
Halloween 2021 11

Step 1. Each player fills their capsule with an item (keeping what’s inside a secret). Put all the capsules in a line.

Step 2. During each turn, one person selects and shakes each of the capsules to try to guess what’s inside!

Step 3. Write your guesses down on a piece of paper (don’t show anyone your answers), and the person with the most answers correct wins the game!

Halloween 2021 16
Halloween 2021 17

Are you looking for a new costume idea? If you like DIY Halloween costumes, then look no further! Try dressing up as your favorite Yowie character this year, Halloween style!

We’ve got all the instructions you need to make your own Yowie Character Halloween mask, including a cut out which you can make as spooky as you like. All you need is a pair of scissors, a glue stick, a piece of colored card, and a string of elastic.

Halloween 2021 18

Step 1. Download and print the mask below. Glue it to the colored card paper and let it dry.

Step 2. Next, using scissors (and the help from an adult) cut out the eye holes and around the face of the Yowie.

Step 3. Measure the elastic string to your desired length – around the back of your head.

Step 4. Make a small hole on either side of the mask, then thread the elastic through both holes and make a knot at each end.

Step 5. Decorate! Draw vampire fangs, scars and blood to your mask and see how scary you can make your mask.

Download & Print Watch Tutorial