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Make Halloween a little less spooky for Mom and Dad this Halloween with the Smart Treat!

Turn the usual sugar-mania into a night full of fun, education and tasty treats with Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolates.

Instead of moving on to more candy once your kids have devoured their 100% Milk Chocolate egg, with Yowie they‘ll enjoy a high-quality collectible, and learn all about a brand new endangered animal! (They might even discover a spooooky Bent-Winged Bat, a viciousssss Viper, or a creepy crawly Peacock Tarantula!?)

We’ve put together a Halloween hub full of activities to help your kids make the most of Halloween with Yowie this year and enjoy their Smart Treat! What scary things will they create…?

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Create a creepy crawly Peacock Tarantula, hide it around the house and see who your kids can spook with this fun Halloween craft!

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Can your little ones spot all the differences in this spooky scene? Test their minds with this brain bender to find out!

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Play a trick or treat game with the family, but with slime! Take it in turns to open a capsule; each time they find one with slime, they loose a point!

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In the lead-up to Halloween, keep the kids occupied with this scary coloring in. The perfect decoration to hang in their bedroom or around the house!

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Get the kids to create ghastly ghosts to decorate their bedroom with all your spare Yowie capsules. All they need is fabric, googly eyes and a pipe cleaner!

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Treat your little ones to some spooky lunchbox trivia leading up to Halloween! Simply print this FREE downloadable to get started.

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Paint and create their very own pumpkin patch with those left over Yowie capsules! The perfect Halloween decoration or gift this scary season…

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Spice up your Yowie and make your very own Spooky Surprise-Inside desserts by filling your chocolate shells with jello!

The spookier you can make your jello monsters… the better!

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Why not make a ghostly bowl to share Yowie with your friends and family? Watch the tutorial to start creating.

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Are you looking for a new costume idea? Try dressing up as your favorite Yowie character this year, Halloween style!


Step 1. Download and print the mask below. Glue it to colored card paper and let it dry.
Step 2. Next, using scissors (and the help from an adult) cut out the eye holes and around the face of the Yowie.
Step 3. Measure the elastic string to your desired length – around the back of your head.
Step 4. Make a small hole on either side of the mask, then thread the elastic through both holes and make a knot at each end.
Step 5. Decorate! Draw vampire fangs, scars and blood on your mask and see how scary you can make it!

Download mask
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Find Yowie Surprise-Inside chocolates at retailers in the United States and Australia.

Or request them to be stocked in your favorite local store.