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Enjoy candy without artificial ingredients!

Yowie Gummies features 5 delicious flavors: orange, strawberry, grape, blueberry and pineapple! You can have peace of mind that when you enjoy our candy gummies, you’re enjoying non-gmo candy without food dye and no artificial flavors.

Plus, Yowie Gummies are the first gummy candy treat with a collectible surprise toy inside! From frogs to dogs, turtles to tarantulas, there’s 16 cool pets to find and learn about.

Find Yowie Gummies in the confectionery aisle in a snack box for you, or a sharebag to split with your friends. Start collecting your pet toy figurines with Yowie Gummies today!

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Fun Facts German Shepherd 01
  • Known to be loyal, courageous and smart.
  • Very trainable and great at learning commands.
  • They make gentle family pets and will guard family members with their own lives.
  • The first Service Dog was a German Shepherd! She, Buddy, was trained to become the first seeing eye dog in 1928.
A German Shepherd Dog On A Forest Walk 151533956
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Fun Facts German Beagle 01
  • Known to be easygoing, friendly and fun-loving
  • Excellent hunting dog who likes to be part of a pack
  • They make loving, happy family pets who need a lot of playtime.
  • Beagles are scenthounds! They have 220 million scent receptors in their noses, compared to humans who have 5 million.
Portrait Of Beagle Dog In The Forest 952856884
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Fun Facts German Bulldog 01
  • Known to be calm and friendly but also courageous and loyal.
  • Lovers of physical outdoor activity and of cuddling on the couch.
  • They are great for families who live in urban or rural areas as they are very adaptive.
  • Otto the skateboarding bulldog broke the Guinness World Record for “Longest Human Tunnel Traveled Through by a Skateboarding Dog”!
Purebreed Englsh Bulldog Lying On Grass 585284336
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Fun Facts German Siamese Cat 01
  • Known to be curious, smart and demanding.
  • Very vocal, they will “talk” to you all day if you let them.
  • They make great pets for those who want a cat that loves to be involved in everything the family is doing.
  • Siamese cats have a special gene for albinism that is affected by temperature! That’s why only their nose, ears, paws, and tail, are pigmented.
Siamese Cat With Beautiful Blue Eyes
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Fun Facts German Bengal Cat 01
  • Known for being smart, curious and very active.
  • Love to be outdoors, going on walks on a leash and playing fetch.
  • They are perfect for families who frequently want to spend time with their pet and will pay a lot of attention to them.
  • The Bengal cat was created by crossing smaller Asian Leopards with domestic cats. That means your pet Bengal has a Leopard as a great-great great-grandparent!
Adorable Portrait Of A Bengal Cat 950772326
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Fun Facts African Aquatic Sideneck Turtle 01
  • Known for being hardy, outgoing and active.
  • Can live up to, and sometimes more than 50 years.
  • They make great pets for turtle lovers as they are most active during the daytime.
  • African Sidenecks get their name because they can’t tuck their heads into their shells. They have to fold their necks into the side of their shell instead.
Big Head Sideneck Turtle Underwater Close Up 577644458
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Fun Facts Eastern Box Turtle 01
  • Known for being docile, exotic looking lifetime companions.
  • Can live 30-40 years as pets.
  • They are perfect for families that live in climates where their turtle can live in a large outdoor enclosure all year with plenty of water, sunshine and burrowing spots.
  • Box turtles bred in captivity as pets are the only way to go! Box turtles are declining in the wild and many die after the stress of being captured.
Western Box Turtle 04 146058941
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Fun Facts White Bearded Dragon 01
  • Known for being docile, trusting and laid back.
  • Easy to handle and have a great personality.
  • A popular first pet lizard that looks amazing and is easy to care for.
  • You can leash train a Bearded Dragon and take him or her for a walk. Some even allow owners to dress them up in clothing! They don’t like to be bored.
Central Bearded Dragon 1094231622
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Fun Facts Leopard Gecko 01
  • Known for being gentle, hardy and easy to care for.
  • Love to eat all kinds of insects including crickets and mealworms.
  • Great first pet for families who want an easy to care for lizard with no special lighting requirements.
  • Leopard Geckos can talk! They make a small bark or squeaking sound if they are agitated.
Leopard Gecko 1069312892
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Fun Facts German Koi Fish 01
  • Known for bringing a sense of serenity and peace to their owners.
  • Omnivorous eaters who love many kinds of vegetables and fruit as well as their fish food.
  • An excellent choice for those who want to have a pet that is fun to interact with and beautiful to watch.
  • Koi fish can get a sunburn so they need shade on sunny days!
Beautiful Koi Fish 186915800
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Fun Facts Black Angelfish 01
  • Known for being very intelligent fish that can recognize their owners.
  • Carnivorous fish that eat brine shrimp and blood worms as well as fish food.
  • They are a beautiful and very graceful pet choice for fish lovers of all ages.
  • Fresh water angelfish mate for life! If one of the partners die, they won’t mate with any other fish.
Scalar Fish 186314254
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Fun Facts African Clawed Frog 01
  • Known to eat out of their owners fingers and be fun to watch.
  • 100% aquatic frogs who live in the water and only come up to the surface for air.
  • They are popular pets because of how long they live and how easy they are to care for.
  • African Clawed Frogs are excellent swimmers, they can even swim backwards!
African Clawed Frog 176050325
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Fun Facts Green Tree Frog 01
  • Known for being shy and cute to watch
  • Nocturnal and both active and vocal at night
  • They are an easy pet choice for frog loving families since they don’t require any special heating or lighting.
  • The Green Tree Frog is an excellent jumper and can leap 8 feet into the air to avoid predators!
A Cute Green Tree Frog On A Tree Branch 174245534
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Fun Facts Chilean Rose Tarantula 01
  • Known for being low maintenance, docile and submissive.
  • Likes to burrow to feel calm and safe.
  • They make good pets for those who want a very low maintenance pet with fascinating behaviors to watch.
  • Chilean Rose Tarantulas often like to “redecorate” their habitats to their liking!
Rose Hair Tarantula Spider Grammostola Rosea 1025670860
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Fun Facts Domestic Mouse 01
  • Known for being intelligent, active, tamable and very clean.
  • Can be trained to use a litter box like a cat or rabbit.
  • They are a great pet for apartment dwellers looking for a quiet, affectionate companion that doesn’t take up much space.
  • Domestic mice can recognize their owners by sight, smell and sound and get excited to see them!
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Fun Facts American Quarter Horse 01
  • Known for being athletic, intelligent, dependable and having a big heart.
  • Talented in many different areas and easy to train.
  • They make the perfect pet for families and beginner riders looking for a gentle, caring companion.
  • Originally used as a sprinter to run a quarter-mile race, that is how they got their name.
Cantering Horse 859250686
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