What you’ll need:

  • Green jelly crystals
  • Yowie Surprise Inside chocolate
  • Yowie Bites
  • Bowl
  • Measuring cup
  • Spoon
  • Water
  • Kettle
  • Knife


Note: The measurements of how much water to use will change dependant on what jelly crystals you are using, so make sure you read the packet.

  1. Pour jelly crystals into a bowl, followed by the boiling water and mix until dissolved.
  2. Pour in the cold water and stir. The place mixture into the fridge.
  3. Allow half an hour for the mixture to go cold, but not long enough for it to begin to set.
  4. Unwrap a Yowie Surprise Inside chocolate and split in half. Fill each half with the cold jelly mixture. To ensure the Yowie halves don’t tip over, use a small cup or something similar to hold them upright.
  5. Refrigerate again, until completely set.
  6. Once the jelly has set, decorate by making a small cut in the jelly and placing a Yowie Bite into it.
  7. Enjoy your delicious Yowie choc-jelly pods!
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