Yowie Gummies are Here!

Yowie Gummies are Yowie

Brand-New Yowie Gummies Make Learning Sweeter

The idea for our new line of Yowie Gummies came directly from 1st through 3rd graders we spoke to, who told us they would really love to learn more about the animals that are closest to them, their pets!  And the kids we spoke to that didn’t have pets said they were especially excited to learn about what type of pet would be the best for them and their particular family. Why? To help convince their parent/s to get them a pet of course 🙂  

We paired our kid-inspired pet idea with what we feel is a better gummy choice than most others available today.  These are gummies that parents can feel great about giving their kids and that kids will love the taste of. Most gummies at the store are made with artificial flavors and/or colors, even organically labeled ones.  We wanted ours to not only taste amazingly juicy and delicious, we wanted to do it without any artificial flavors or colors. These are gummies the way they should be – and they taste AMAZING. After all, the better the ingredients you use, the better the recipe turns out, and the same is true for candy recipes.

We’re pleased that you enjoy Yowie chocolate, and we’re sure you’re going to love our all-new Yowie Gummies every bit as much. They are made with real fruit flavors and include surprise collectibles just as you’ve come to expect from Yowie. Our gummies also share valuable information about pet animal friends, including how to keep them safe and happy. Yowie Gummies are a fun, educational treat whether you and your child have pets you love, would love to have a pet, or simply love learning about pet animals.

What’s Special About Yowie Gummies?

First and foremost, you’ll love how delicious Yowie Gummies are. Each gummy candy provides a burst of delicious orange, grape, strawberry, blueberry, or pineapple fruit flavor. And while you may have snacked on gummy candy in these flavors before, Yowie Gummies are made with fruit juice. And like Yowie 100% milk chocolate, you’ll also love that Yowie Gummies are totally free of gluten and GMOs. They’re also 100% nut free and made in a dedicated facility that doesn’t process any nuts at all.

What’s in a Yowie Gummy Candy Package?

When you open a box of Yowie Gummies, you’ll find 12 gummies in the shapes of the Yowie Guardians. Each box contains your lovable heroes: Rumble, Crag, Squish, Boof, Ditty and Nap. These magical, mythical, fun-loving creatures champion the natural world and all of the creatures who live in it, teaching us all how to pitch in and help along the way.

Yowie Gummies Toy Collectible Pets

What About the Surprise Collectible Toy inside Yowie Gummies?

Each Yowie Gummy box includes a collectible pet animal surprise. There are a total of 16 pet animal collectibles, making each unboxing a treat in more ways than one. You’ll find dogs and cats, the most familiar of pet animals for most of us, as well as some of the more unique pets, including reptiles, amphibians, and spiders.

Here are the pet animals in Yowie Gummies:

    1. African Aquatic Sideneck Turtle
    2. American Quarter Horse
    3. Begal
    4. Bengal Cat
    5. Black Angel Fish
    6. Bulldog
    7. Chilean Rose Tarantula
    8. Domestic Mouse
    9. Dwarf Clawed Frog
    10. Eastern Box Turtle
    11. German Shepherd
    12. Green Tree Frog
    13. Koi Fish
    14. Leopard Gecko
    15. Siamese Cat
    16. White Bearded Dragon

What Is the Educational Component of Yowie Gummies?

Yowie makes learning about pet animals both sweet and fun. Each Yowie Gummies box includes a full-color leaflet that matches the pet animal surprise collectible. The leaflet shares fun facts about the pet animal, a photo of the animal friend, and a link to the Yowie website, where you and your family can learn more about the pet animal. Each package provides a unique learning experience for you and your child as well as the chance to build a stronger connection with, and a better understanding of, our pet animal friends.

What If I Want More?

YowieWorld.com provides an opportunity to have fun playing and learning every day. Visit often for educational games and to learn more about the featured animals. You can also follow Yowie on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to learn amazing facts about animals, find important information about the natural world, get insight into how to protect the environment and our animal friends, and enter exciting contests.

I Want Yowie Gummies Right Now! Where do I find Them?

We cannot wait for you to try the ALL NEW Yowie Gummies. You’ll find them at select Walmart stores across the country. Try a box today, share them with your family, and let us know if you love the new fruity flavors as much as we do.