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Hello Yowie fans and animal lovers. We’re excited to welcome you to the Yowasis blog. The Yowasis is the magical place where the Yowie train to be the very best protectors of the natural world they can be. And here at the Yowasis we invite you to join us on that mission to help save the natural world and have loads of fun doing it. Ready? Set? Let’s go!

You CAN make a difference

The natural world rocks and needs to be both valued and protected. All the creatures and critters that call Earth home are our friends. We strive to do what we can to protect them and the habitats they call home which you can do too. That starts with learning about the world around us.

Learning about the natural world can be all kinds of fun. What’s more fun (and sweet) than surprise-inside toy collectibles and creamy 100% percent milk chocolate? Our Yowie surprise eggs and Yowie Bites provide smooth, delicious chocolate treats, surprise toy collectibles, and intriguing, important information about creatures, great and small, who live with us on this planet and need our help, even in everyday ways.

We don’t stop at tasty, clean-label, sustainably sourced chocolate and animal education. Thanks to people like you who buy Yowie chocolate regularly, we are also able to donate a portion of our sales to eco-conservation organizations doing incredibly important and effective work to preserve our natural heritage. For example, over the past year we were able to donate $250,000 to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and most recently, $20,000 to the Rainforest Alliance in their efforts concerning the fires in the Amazon. That was all thanks to you, who automatically contribute to that donation each and every time you, your child or anyone you buy a Yowie for, enjoys a Yowie surprise-inside chocolate treat. Thank you!

What is the Yowasis blog all about?

The Yowasis Blog is your source for making learning about eco-conservation – and how you and the children in your life can make a difference – FUN. Find resources, helpful tips, and timely eco-news you can use and share.

Here is some of what you can expect:


Count on us for child-friendly, child-doable tips we can all use to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle; real ways to help protect our animal friends, through things we do in our everyday lives. We will also share inspiring stories about everyday people, especially children and young adults, who have become real-life eco-heroes. Even the smallest eco-friend can make a BIG difference.


Crafts are always a blast, and they’re even more exciting when they’re eco-friendly. Do you like crafts that focus on upcycling? We love them. Check back often for craft projects that allow you to upcycle and use things you may already have at home right now.


Do you enjoy holiday ideas that are not only fresh and fun, but also eco-friendly? Do you have holiday traditions you already love? No worries! Check the blog for ways to put an eco-friendly twist on them–Yowie-style.

Learning & Education

Of course you want fresh ideas for teaching children about our amazing planet and all of the animals that share it with us. But who has the time to spend on endless searches for child-relatable information? We’ll pull it together for you, making learning and education not just easy but also entertaining, both at home and in the classroom (Hi Teachers!).

Family Information, Resources, and Activities

If you’re looking for family-friendly activities and resources, you’ll want to hang out with us in the Yowasis. Here on the blog you’ll find tips, activities, and resources for creating family time and fond memories, all while learning about the natural world around us and how to help preserve it for future generations.

The Yowie are here to help out too

Have you taken a look at the latest antics of the Yowie Guardians? Rumble, Squish, Nap, Crag, Ditty and Boof are all big hams. However, they are also very serious about their responsibility to protect the animals under their guardianship so expect to hear news from them once in awhile as well. They will also be around to provide new news about Yowie, announcements about exciting new Yowie product lines like Yowie Bites and Yowie Gummies, along with interactive chances to win prizes. Think of this blog as not only a place to have fun learning but also your way to regularly enter and interact with the wide world of Yowie, or as we fondly call it, Yowie World.

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