Indoor and Outdoor Spring Activities for Kids

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Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and Yowie surprise eggs are hatching all around us. And while the sun may be shining in some parts of the world today, we know that April showers bring May flowers, so there’s always a chance of a sprinkle or two. Just in case, we’ve come up with three fun Yowie activities for kids that you can do indoors or outdoors to celebrate spring!

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Spring Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids

Yowie Easter Eggs

One of our favorite spring activities for kids is the Easter egg hunt. Like most traditional outdoor egg hunts, start with plastic eggs. Depending on the egg size, you can choose between filling them with traditional Yowie eggs, Yowie Bites or Yowie Gummies. If you have leftover plastic eggs from Yowie Surprise Inside chocolates, this is a perfect opportunity for reusing them!

Spring Egg Hunt Idea For Kids

If your eggs are so small that none of your options fit, consider dropping in a small piece of paper with the prize written on it: Egg, Bites, or Gummies. For a larger hunt, or to run egg hunts over multiple days to keep your kiddos busy, you can even separate the chocolate bites or the gummy bags from the surprise bag that comes in each box.

But like I mentioned, Easter weather can be a little unpredictable, and you might have to take the party inside. For a spin on the classic, buy a package of glow sticks, rings or bracelets from your local Walmart, activate them and drop them into your eggs. When you’re ready to hunt, turn off the lights and listen to the excited squeals as each one is found!

Spring Eggs Hunt Activity For Kids

Spring-Themed Sensory Bin with Land or Sea Game

Sensory bins are all the rage — and for a great reason! They bring an educational component to play and particularly come in handy when encouraging fine motor development. In our household, my son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at nine months, so figuring out ways to encourage him to exercise and use his left hand is a must. Here, we decided to combine our newly opened Yowie surprises (after our egg hunt), with some things we already had around the house to make an educational sensory bin game we named “Land or Sea?”

Sensory Bin Spring Activities For Kids

Want to make your own? Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Yowie collectible toy animals (preferably from different collections to get some variety in their habitats)
    • Shaving Cream
    • Blue food coloring
    • Sand or dirt
    • Pine cones, rocks, sticks or other textured outdoor “stuff”
    • Blue rocks, gems, or other fish tank type rocks to throw into the “sea”

We then split the bin 50/50 and made one side the land and one side the sea. There is no “right way” so have fun and decorate it however you like, but keep the Yowie animals out for now.

Once your landscapes are done, parents take the animals and little ones sit or stand next to their land/sea sensory bin. Parents then hand the animals to the kids one at a time and ask them to identify whether that animal belongs on the land or in the sea/water. If your kids are a bit older (like my 5-year-old), make it even more fun by setting a timer and tossing them the animals to see how many they can get right in a certain time span.

Spring Sensory Bin

When the animals are tossed into the sea, or when the two habitats start to mix, things get messy, so be prepared! Please note that the food coloring can also stain clothing and is a little difficult to get out of your hands, so maybe avoid this spring activity if you’ve got a wedding or something fancy planned the next day.

Close Up Yowie Spring Sensory Bin

Yowie Gummies Animal Track Bingo

When you’re cooped up in the house, spring activities like this animal track bingo game are a fantastic way to keep the little ones occupied. Like traditional bingo, I’ve created six sheets for you to print and pick from. Use beans, coins or anything else you find multiples of around the house as markers and recruit a parent or older sibling to be the “caller”.

The twist lies in how the animals are called! Gather your Yowie Gummies animals in a hat or a plastic bag and pull one out at a time. In order for the kids to mark off the animal on their bingo sheet, they will have to think about what each animal’s tracks or prints look like! I’ve included the names under the tracks as well, for readers or those who are learning how to read. Because there are only six animal tracks per card, a full blackout is required for a “Bingo”.

 Yowie Bingo Spring Activities For Kids

Download Yowie Animal Tracks Bingo

Whether your spring days are spent indoors or outside, these spring activities for kids are fantastic for keeping little ones busy, engaged and learning. For more boredom-busting spring activities, we’ve created a special page just for kids! Make some fun animal crafts, learn about your favorite animals, play games and much more. Click the button below to get started now!

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