40 Ways to Reuse Plastic Eggs after Easter

40 Ways to Reuse Plastic Eggs after Easter

Did you know that Americans spend $16.4 billion on multicolored plastic eggs at Easter time? That’s a lot of Easter eggs! If you’re wondering how to reuse plastic eggs after the holiday, we’ve got you covered.

We asked our Yowie World fans how they reuse plastic eggs and they had some super creative ideas for repurposing the leftover capsules. If you find a craft or project that you like, but don’t have any plastic eggs – each Yowie Surprise Inside limited-edition collectible comes encased in a plastic egg, keeping the toy separate from the chocolate. Just another reason to love Yowie!

Reuse Plastic Eggs to Play and Learn

How to Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs

Many of our fans had the creative idea to repurpose leftover plastic eggs into musical maracas. We love this idea! You and your little ones can experiment with different fillers like rice, beans, coins or beads to create different sounds. Just be sure to hot glue or tape the eggs shut to avoid a big mess when you shake them.

Rebecca B. said that her family likes to use them like a memory game. Hiding small toys, like the Yowie collectible animals, and finding matches is a wonderful way to improve memory skills while you play!

Valerie P., a daycare teacher, shared that in her classroom they use plastic eggs to paint oval shapes, as stacking games and to play color matching games. 

If you’re working on potty training, Jackie J. said they make great rewards. She puts candy in them and lets her little one choose a prize for using the potty. Great idea!

Do you have a little one that loves to be a pretend chef? Robin G. saves plastic eggs for her niece and nephew to use as play food in their grocery carts. Several others said they make salt and pepper shakers, cups or other kitchen items out of their leftover plastic eggs. So creative! 

Another amazing idea comes from Melanie D., who likes to crochet egg covers to make her leftover plastic eggs look like little monsters. Aren’t they adorable? You can find an egg monster crochet pattern here

Crochet Monster Easter Egg Covers
Plastic Egg Word Matching Game

Linda J. shared how she has made word matching games with their plastic eggs during this homeschooling time. 

This is a great idea for teaching children how to match consonant sounds with different word endings. For older kids, this can help them create rhyming words for stories or poems!

Reusing Plastic Eggs in the Kitchen

After the Easter egg hunt, you don’t have to give up all the plastic eggs to the kids. Many of our fans had interesting ideas for how to reuse plastic eggs in the kitchen.

Molding chocolate is a great idea that came from Dawn H. Make sure you wash the plastic egg thoroughly, and then you can dip half an egg into melted chocolate, flip over and allow to cool. Alternatively, you could pour melted chocolate into the egg and create solid chocolate eggs.

Another fantastic way to reuse plastic eggs came from Jennifer T. who shared that they like to use them as ice cream pops molds. 

Instagram user @lorelai637 suggests repurposing leftover plastic eggs as fun snack containers. This would be especially helpful to picky eaters, to provide a little variety at meal times!

@kelephant31 said they use the plastic eggs as gelatin molds. That’s a super creative way to make all kinds of neat snacks!

Home and Garden Uses for Plastic Eggs

Instagram’s @blue94eagle shared that they have used plastic eggs to put headphones (earbuds) in to keep from losing them on long trips. They also shared that you can put plastic gloves in them to be prepared for an emergency when you’re on the go.

@linzybinzy6207 shared that they make wreaths with their leftover plastic eggs. 

“I put nice messages in them like fortune cookies!” – @contestrobyn

Here’s a helpful tip from @nyxxi_moon: “Save egg cartons and put a half of a plastic egg in each egg spot. Fill them with potting soil and plant seeds in them for starters. You can use them for any plants, like veggies, flowers or herbs. Then once you replant you can wash them out and reuse them over and over again.” 

Michelle P. uses them to make little birdseed eggs for the squirrels in my yard. She said you can just use clear gelatin and bird seeds, nuts, or whatever you want to feed. Then just place them around the yard. “I love feeding the wildlife so stuff comes into my yard so I can take pics of them.” We love nature pictures and hope to see the great ones you share, Michelle!

Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs

 More Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Eggs

    1. Keep necklaces from getting tangled
    2. Homemade Silly Putty storage
    3. Car (or home) air freshener (Just add potpourri and a few holes.)
    4. Storing craft beads
    5. Basket of strawberries craft
    6. Plastic brick storage (Sort by size and color)
    7. Fill with sand and use to weigh down balloons or gift bags
    8. Store small items like nail clippers in a purse
    9. DIY Firefly craft
    10. Egg and spoon races
    11. Creative sand castle shapes
    12. Travel sewing kit
    13. Store little board game pieces
    14. Crystal egg geodes
    15. Tealight candle holders
    16. Bath bomb molds
    17. Fairy lights 
    18. Floating fish craft bathtub toys
    19. Bird feeders
    20. Succulent planters
    21. Fairy garden mushrooms
    22. Toddler sock organizers
    23. Store loose change

These are just a few of the millions of ideas for reusing and repurposing plastic eggs. There is no limit to the creativity for turning these small little capsules into amazing works of art or something extremely useful. How do you reuse plastic eggs once the holiday is over? Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram

40 Creative Ways to Repurpose Plastic Eggs