What Does It Mean to Be Rainforest Alliance Certified?

Here at Yowie, we always want to do our very best for you and our planet. One of our primary goals is to not only deliver delicious treats that are preservative and GMO-free without added artificial colors or flavors, but to make sure that these treats are also better for our planet. To this end, we sought certification through an organization called the Rainforest Alliance, which seeks to ensure business, farming, agricultural, and forestry practices that protect and support nature. Rainforest Alliance certification reflects our values, and we are pleased to share the details of this important certification with you.

What Is the Rainforest Alliance?

The Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organization working in more than 60 countries to protect the natural world and to support it in ways that encourage humans and nature to thrive in harmony. Responsible, environmentally sustainable practices haven’t always been the norm for most businesses; as a result, the environment, animals, and human beings have suffered. The Rainforest Alliance seeks to change that by ensuring that responsibility and sustainability are the new norms. To this end, the organization works with people, communities, farms, and a wide variety of organizations to make this world a better place for all who call it home.

What Does Rainforest Alliance Certification Mean for Yowie Chocolate?

Cacao Tree fruit pods in nature

We are proud that the cocoa used in making our chocolate is sustainably sourced and Rainforest Alliance Certified. When you see the Rainforest Alliance green frog seal on our packaging, it means our chocolate meets the levels of sustainability the organization requires in terms of social, environmental, and economic viability. 

The Rainforest Alliance Certified farms that produce our cocoa are verified to be in compliance with standards that incorporate biodiversity conservation; support improved livelihoods and human well-being; encourage natural resource conservation; and assure that effective planning and farm management systems are the basic principles of sustainable farming. Meeting the Rainforest Alliance’s comprehensive requirements demands continual improvements on a farm’s journey to sustainable agriculture, with an auditing process to ensure adherence.

Farms that qualify for Rainforest Alliance certification must meet standards in the following areas:

Biodiversity Conservation

As a certification requirement, farms are restricted from clearing natural forests, an all-too-common practice that has put many of our animal friends in jeopardy. Certified farms must also make an effort to reduce the use of pesticides threatening ecosystems and use more environmentally sound alternatives whenever possible. Certified farms work to protect endangered species, preserve native plant life, and safeguard aquatic ecosystems, including the prohibition of hunting and the lessening of conflicts between humans and wildlife.

Natural Resource Conservation and Sustainable Cattle Production

Farms that qualify for certification must take steps to conserve water and soil. This includes actively reducing soil erosion; conserving both water and energy; effectively treating wastewater; working to improve the fertility of the soil; and properly handling solid waste. Additionally, any qualified farms that include cattle in their certification must practice responsible animal husbandry and ensure that their processes meet strict animal welfare standards.

Social Sustainability

Qualifying farms must not only care for the environment and animals, but also for people, by being good neighbors and even better employers. This includes meeting standards for child labor, paying at least minimum wage, and prohibiting forced labor or labor discrimination — of any kind. It means ensuring that workers have access not only to safe drinking water and proper sanitation but also to adequate healthcare. It means respecting and protecting the rights of people living in the surrounding communities, including indigenous peoples whose rights are often trampled by commerce. Further, Rainforest Alliance encourages better farm management practices designed to improve livelihood, helping both farmers and their laborers.

Why Does the Rainforest Alliance Certification Seal Feature a Green Frog?

Frogs are an indicator species, which means that the overall well-being of frogs can be a powerful indicator of environmental health — and frogs are found on every continent worldwide, with the exception of Antarctica. When you see this seal on Yowie products, you know that the ingredients have been sourced from farms meeting the Rainforest Alliance’s extremely high standards. 

How Much Does the Rainforest Alliance Certified Frog Seal Really Matter?

As consumers, you vote with your dollars. By choosing to support companies and organizations that are certified, you’re not only supporting conservation and protection of the natural world, but you’re also helping improve the lives of those who cultivate the land. Furthermore, you’re sending a powerful message to those companies and organizations not yet taking an active role in protecting our planet and conserving its natural resources. With each purchase, you are telling them that certification matters to you and that they must commit to more responsible practices if they want your business.

Why Should We Feel Good About Yowie’s Certification?

Our Rainforest Alliance Certification means you can always feel good about buying Yowie products. With each purchase, you are not merely getting a sweet treat without artificial ingredients, unnecessary fillers, gluten, and other undesirables. You aren’t just serving delicious chocolate that is both Halal and Kosher certified. Most importantly, when you share our 100% milk chocolate surprise-inside eggs with your children, you’re also supporting sustainable agriculture and helping to protect the natural world. What could be sweeter than that?