Fun Activities to Help Kids Learn About Endangered Animals

Fun Activities to Help Kids Learn About Endangered Animals

Learning about endangered animal species gives us a better understanding of our non-human friends. We can also learn how our own actions directly and indirectly affect these special creatures. By having knowledge of what it means to be endangered and understanding the many factors that threaten wildlife, we can all make better choices and find helpful ways to protect our friends and their environments. 

10 Fun Activities to Help Kids Learn About Endangered Animals

We’ve gathered 10 fun activities for learning about endangered species. We hope that you and a child, or the many children in your life, will find them engaging and educational.

1. Yowie Wild Water Fun Fact Matching Game

Play the Yowie Wild Water Fun Fact Matching Game to learn and test new facts about endangered species, such as the Saimaa Ringed Seal, the Golden Sandfish, and the Beluga Sturgeon. All you will need is paper, a printer, scissors, some paste or glue, and some crayons, markers or colored pencils for this fun and informative game.

2. Rhino IQ Online Trivia

Do you know where Black and White Rhinos are found? What about the reason why tiny birds, called oxpeckers, are always perched on their backs? And who has better eyesight? You or the average rhinoceros? Play this fun online trivia game to test your Rhino IQ and learn something new about these huge herbivores, some of which can weigh more than 5,000 pounds!

3. Printable Endangered Species Board Game

Like board games? Print out and play the Endangered Species Board Game to learn about the Endangered Species Act, a special law designed to protect the many imperiled plants and animals throughout the United States. You’ll need a printer, paper, tape, some dice, and items to be used as game markers. The game markers can be colored pieces of paper, coins, erasers, or even small toys.

4. Yowie Prairie Dash Online Game

What do you know about the Utah Prairie Dog? This adorable little animal, usually weighing less than two pounds, isn’t really a dog at all! In fact, the Utah Prairie Dog is a member of the squirrel family of rodents. Play our fun Yowie Prairie Dash Online Game to learn about this Yowie Series 2 animal friend — as cute as it is curious.

5. Yowie Animal Friend Quizzes

Online interactive quizzes are great fun when they involve learning about the Earth’s wide variety of indigenous creatures. Test your knowledge of various animal diets and their unique dating rituals. Discover whether you’re a master or a novice of weird animal facts, and then determine which endangered animal is most like you.

6. Endangered Species Listing

Often, we imagine that endangered species include only very exotic animals that live far away. The truth is, there are probably endangered species living close by your home or residing in a fun place you’ve already visited. Search for endangered U.S. species, state-by-state, to learn about the animal friends in your area. Then, to learn even more about each animal friend, click on their highlighted scientific names. For example, Huso Huso is the scientific name for the Beluga Sturgeon. And, scientists call the White Rhino, the world’s largest species of rhinoceros, a Ceratotherium Simum. Who knew?

7. Play the Endangered Species Habitat Matching Game

Most natural habitats around the world are also home to endangered and threatened species. Play this printable game to match endangered species to their native environments; learn more about the conservation efforts designed to protect them; and learn why the protection of animal habitats is so very important to all of us. You’ll need a printer, paper, and scissors for this one.

8. Endangered Species Diorama

Building a diorama is a great way to learn about an endangered animal and its habitat. Just choose an animal you’d like to learn more about; do some research online to learn as much as you can about that animal and how it lives; and then get started recreating its distinctive home. You’ll need a shoebox, paper, crayons, markers, or colored pencils, air-dry clay, scissors, and glue for this project — as well as your creativity and your vibrant imagination.

9. Become a Yowie Aqua Guardian

You can have a lot of fun learning how to help save our waterways and our aqua-loving animal friends by becoming a Yowie Aqua Guardian. As a Yowie Aqua Guardian you will receive your very own official Aqua Guardian certificate and get great practical tips on how to protect our waters. You will also enjoy free access to three additional valuable resources to help you learn even more about endangered animals.

10. Endangered Species Scramble

Do you know all of the endangered species hidden in this word scramble? Enjoy the challenge of unscrambling each endangered animal name and see how many you recognize. Then research any that are new and unfamiliar to you on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website.

Awareness is the first step in making a difference while learning about endangered animal species. We believe everyone can contribute small efforts that will make big splashes in protecting the environment. We also believe learning about eco-conservation can and should be fun. Have a great time finding out about endangered animals, and be sure to share what you learn with others. Have an idea for a great eco-conservation activity or want to share photos of the amazing endangered species diorama you made? Share with us on Facebook!