This Frog Craft for Kids is Simple and Adorable

Cute and Easy Frog Craft for Kids

There are more than 6,600 known species of frogs in the world. Some of these frogs are aquatic, or live underwater, like the dwarf clawed frog. This aquatic frog lacks teeth and a tongue and only needs to come up to the surface of the water every few hours to take a breath.

Our simple frog craft is a great hands-on learning activity that lets you engage with your children and encourage them to learn more about our frog friends and their habitats.

Easy Frog Craft for Kids

After enjoying a Yowie Surprise Inside treat, put that plastic egg to use with this easy frog craft. With a few other common items you most likely already have at home, you can get started quickly and enjoy a stress-free, hands-on craft with the kids.

What You’ll Need for your Frog Craft:

  • 1 plastic egg, upcycled from your Yowie Surprise Inside Chocolate
  • Brown paint
  • Green paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Brown construction paper
  • Green construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make Your Frog Craft:

Painting plastic eggs for frog craft

Step One:

First, separate the plastic egg and set one half aside. Paint the other half with the brown paint. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Dwarf clawed frogs come from murky waters in Cameroon, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon and Nigeria where their muddy brownish-gray color helps them blend into their surroundings and avoid predators.

Step Two:

After the paint has dried, decorate with dots using the green paint.

Dwarf clawed frogs have dark spots all over, and all the frogs in the Pipidae family have a lateral line on the sides of their body that helps them sense motion in the water.

Painting a plastic egg
Easy Frog Craft for Kids Tutorial Step Three

Step Three:

Attach a set of wiggly eyes to the front of the egg using a small dab of glue. You may have to hold these in place for a few seconds until the glue is tacky. Be sure not to touch them again until the glue has dried or they may move out of place.

In nature, these frogs have small eyes, but wiggly eyes are just so much fun!

Step Four:

Cut four leg shapes out of brown construction paper and attach them to the bottom of the egg using the glue. 

The dwarf clawed frogs have webbed feet and claws on their toes if you wanted to make the feet anatomically correct. If not, a basic foot shape still looks really cute!

Easy Frog Craft for Kids
Img 3738

Step Five:

Cut a triangle shape from the brown construction paper for the frog’s mouth. Attach the triangle to the egg under the eyes with glue. 

Dwarf clawed frogs are bottom feeders and gulp food into their mouths and swallow it whole.

Step Six:

Cut a lily pad shape out of the green construction paper for the frog to rest on.

Even aquatic frogs should have a nice place to hang out every once in a while!

Finished Frog Craft

It’s so much fun learning about different animals, which is why kids love Yowie Gummies. Each package contains a limited-edition collectible toy animal with a leaflet that has information about that animal, its habitat and level of endangerment. You can extend the fun recreating your favorite animals and talking about them with your children.

We hope you enjoyed making this adorable frog craft for kids and learning all about the dwarf clawed frog. Continue your frog (and amphibian) learning adventure with some of our favorite resources, like National Geographic Kids and PBS Learning. After you’ve made this frog craft for kids, be sure to share your masterpiece with us on Facebook or Instagram, and for more hands-on learning fun, try our adorable owl craft next!

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