Unique Movable Fish Craft for Kids (with a Free Printable!)

Angel Fish Craft for Kids

Break out the crafting supplies and dive in – this adorable fish craft is sure to make a splash!

One of our favorite pet collectibles featured in Yowie Gummies is the angelfish. These pretty fish were originally silver in color, but mutations in their coloring helped breeders create stunning varieties with different colors and patterns. Some of the different varieties include Marbles, Zebra angelfish, Leopards, Half black angelfish, White angelfish, Golds, Veils, and Black and White angelfish.

Did you know that freshwater angelfish are able to camouflage among aquatic plants because of their triangular shape? Wild angelfish species have distinctive dark vertical stripes, allowing them to blend in even easier.

Practice using the knowledge of camouflage with your little ones as you create this fish craft. When painting, coloring or pasting on decorations, help them think of ways that their angelfish could use their coloring to blend into their surroundings.

Movable Angelfish Craft Tutorial

What you’ll need:

    • Printable template
    • Card stock
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Popsicle stick
    • Glitter, paint or other embellishments (optional)

How to make your movable fish craft:

Step One: Print out both sheets of the template onto card stock.

Fish Craft Printable Template

Step Two: Using the scissors (and a little help from parents, if needed) carefully cut out all of the pieces of the fish.

Step Two

Step Three: Glue the tail onto the back of the fish body, using a small amount of glue on the tab. Next, glue the bigger fin to the bottom of the fish by applying glue to the tab and sticking it on the back of the fish body. Connect the last fin to the top of the fish using the same process.

Step Three

Step Four: Position and glue the eye onto the fish. Allow your glue to dry completely.

Gluing Eye onto Fish Craft

Step Five: After the glue has dried, attach the popsicle stick to the back of the fish as shown below.

make a fish puppet

Step Six: Optional- use glitter and/or Mod Podge sparkle to embellish fish, as desired.

Img 6584

Step Seven: Cut out the fishbowl from the printable template. Cut a slit, about 1.5 inches long, along the bottom of the bowl.

Fish bowl and fish craft

Step Eight: Insert a popsicle stick into the slit of the bowl from the front side, and move it around to watch your fish “swim”!

Yowie Fish Craft With Fishbowl

Alternatively, you can also use the printable template to trace and cut out more fish parts to assemble and decorate however you wish, using the information above to launch a fun lesson about how animals use camouflage and how genetic mutations can cause different colors and varieties in the natural world. Share your creations with us on Facebook!

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Angelfish Craft and Printable for Kids