The Eco-Friendly Switch Witch

Eco-Friendly Switch Witch

Create an Eco-Friendly Switch Witch Basket for Your Child

Halloween is right around the corner, and we hope you’re just as excited as we are for this fun time of year. As you’re planning costumes and imagining the delightful trick-or-treating ahead, you might also be considering how to handle the overabundance of candy filled with preservatives, corn syrup and other questionable ingredients. We suggest creating an Eco-friendly Switch Witch basket for your child as an enjoyable way to swap out the edibles you don’t want your child to consume with items you prefer they have.

What Is the Switch Witch?

The Switch Witch is a good witch who visits your home late on Halloween night (or whenever you decide he or she should show up) and takes all or some of your child’s Halloween candy. Don’t worry, however, that little Jack or Jennifer will wake to find that there’s been a candy heist at your house. There’s more to this story! 

This is no candy burglar. The Switch Witch leaves something even more fun in the place of the candy she takes. And since the lucky kids visited by the Switch Witch are expecting her arrival, the post-switch discovery is something your children will look forward to. Think of the Switch Witch as a tooth fairy for Halloween, except there doesn’t need to be money involved.

Who is the Switch Witch?

Just as you might slip some money under your child’s pillow in exchange for the latest tiny tooth that’s exited his/her mouth, you get to do this too. The best part is you’re not stuck fishing for quarters in the couch cushions. We’ve put together a basket full of fantastic treats and fabulous fun that you can replicate at home. Besides delicious, natural surprise-inside Yowie chocolate, Bites, and Gummies, we’ve chosen a selection of activities to make your child smile. And one of the best parts is that you can use and reuse some of the things you already have at home and in your very own backyard.

What’s the Point of the Switch Witch?

Trick-or-treating on Halloween is exciting, and most kids are thrilled to take home a large sack filled with loads of candy. However, many types of Halloween candy can be harmful to your child’s overall health. Most of it contains GMOs, artificial flavors and colors, chemical preservatives, allergens and gluten. Thanks to the Switch Witch, your child can still enjoy trick-or-treating and then trade things they (or you) don’t like for something you can both feel great about enjoying.

What can you do with all of the candy the Switch Witch takes?

Consider one of these places for the switched out candy:

    • The breakroom at work. Pour the Halloween candy into a large bowl and place it where your coworkers can easily access it. It will disappear in no time!
    • Check with your child’s dentist. Some pediatric dentists have Halloween candy buyback programs.
    • Donate it to an organization like Operation Gratitude, which sends care packages, including Halloween candy, to soldiers and first responders.

How does the Switch Witch work?

Planning and playing the Switch Witch is fun and easy! 

    1. Tell your kids about the Switch Witch in a cheerful, fun way. Help them feel excited about the idea, so they will see it as something to look forward to.
    2. Decide with your child before you go out to trick-or-treat just how much candy he’ll give to the Switch Witch and how much (if any) he’ll keep. 
    3. Go out with your kids and have a great time trick-or-treating. 
    4. Bring all the candy your child receives back home and separate out what s/he’s keeping. Put the candy for the Switch Witch in a bag or box labeled for your witchy friend. 
    5. Wait for your child to go to sleep, and then switch the candy for something else your child will love, such as a basket filled with clean label, natural Yowie Chocolates and Gummies, and some fun, imaginative, eco-friendly activities.

Create an eco-Friendly Switch Witch basket

Eco-Friendly Switch Witch Project

Filled with Yowie Chocolate and Gummies, each with a surprise collectible animal inside to learn about, and eco-friendly activities, it’s a Halloween switch both you and your child are sure to appreciate. Here’s a super fun eco-friendly Switch Witch Basket to create for your young ghost or goblin.

Eco-Friendly Switch Witch Basket Materials

You can find all of the items you’ll need to create your basket at your local Walmart (if you are in the U.S., or at Woolies if you are in Australia), though you probably already have some of them at home. Save time and gas and discover which of your favorite local retailer carries Yowie Surprise Inside Chocolates and Yowie Bites before you head out.

    • Surprise-Inside Yowies, Yowie Gummies, Yowie Bites.
    • Basket (a good size that can be reused once the holiday is over)
    • Basket “grass” filler (can be repurposed after the holiday)
    • Mason jar or other recycled glass jar (any condiment jar will work!)
    • Potting soil or soil from your yard to fill jar (can you dig it?)
    • Seed packets (one will do)
    • Reusable Water bottle (clear or solid color)
    • Permanent paint pens to personalize your water bottle (pick your colors)
    • 100% cotton T-shirt
    • Tie dye kit
Eco Friendly Switch Witch Materials

Eco-Friendly Switch Witch Basket Instructions

Eco-Friendly Switch Witch Basket Step One

Step One

We started our project with a wood slat “bushel basket” we found at Walmart.  The basket is a good size to hold all our goodies and re-usable after the holiday.

Eco Friendly Switch Witch Step 2

Step Two

Keeping in our Fall/Halloween theme, we filled our basket with straw.  We found the small straw bale in the Halloween section of Walmart too. Afterwards, the straw can be re-used as mulch in your garden or yard.

Yowie Wild Water
Yowie Bites
Yowie Gummies

Step Three

Yowies! We added our yummy surprise inside chocolate friends, plus our Yowie Bites and new Yowie Gummies, all with a collectible surprise animal inside.

Eco-Friendly Switch Witch Basket Four

Step Four

Create your own terrarium.  We used a mason jar (or any other jar you have on hand), filled it half way with potting soil, and added some seeds.  And, don’t forget to add in a Yowie collectible animal or two! Kids can watch the seeds grow as they create their own wild animal scene.

Eco Friendly Switch Witch Five

Step Five

Next, we added a reusable clear plastic water bottle and permanent paint pens.  We picked some fun colors to really make a splash! The kids can use the pens to draw and personalize their bottles.

Eco Friendly Switch Witch Six

Step Six

Finally, we found a tie dye kit and we up-cycled a white t-shirt to create unique one of a kind pieces of art the kids can wear.  Don’t stop at a t-shirt either. You can tie dye socks or even a canvas tote bag to keep the fun going!

Step Seven

Add other special items you know your child will love. You’re not limited to physical items. You could include a certificate for something special such as a special day with mom or dad, eBooks or an extra 30 minutes of screen time to play their favorite games, like Yowie Yopter.

Most importantly, have fun making your Eco-Friendly Switch Witch Basket and enjoy the look of surprise and delight on your child’s face as he or she discovers all of the delicious Yowie treats and eco-friendly activities.

Eco Friendly Switch Witch with Rumble

We’d love to see your creations! Be sure to share your photos on Instagram and tag @YowieWorld so we can celebrate with you!