How Does Yowie Get the Surprise Inside the Chocolate?

How Does Yowie Get The Surprise Inside The Chocolate

Surprise egg unboxings are all the rage for little kids! Some of the most popular videos on YouTube include children opening special eggs to reveal a hidden surprise inside – usually a special toy or collectible.

With Yowie, you not only get a delicious 100% milk chocolate treat that’s free of artificial colors or flavors, gluten- and nut-free, but you also get a limited-edition endangered animal collectible with a leaflet containing facts and information about each one inside of a surprise egg!

There’s something magical about learning how your favorite things are made, so we’re sharing a little bit behind the scenes of how Yowie gets the surprise inside the chocolate.

How Yowie Gets the Surprise Egg Inside the Chocolate

Yowie Chocolate Surprise Egg

First, chocolate is poured into special molds the shape of half of the Yowie characters. A machine presses the chocolate to reach all the nooks and crannies to make sure that the entire shape is filled. Then, chocolate shaped Squish, Nap, Boof, Crag, Ditty and Rumble take a ride along a conveyor belt to cool and harden.

Capsules containing the collectible toy animals are then lifted by a machine using suction and dropped into every other tray of the chocolate molds. They do this so each half can be pressed together around the capsule, ensuring that each surprise egg has chocolate all around. Yum!

Next, the chocolates are removed one by one to be placed onto another conveyor belt where they’ll receive their foil wrappers. The ends of the wrappers are pressed together by the machine while a sticker is placed on the bottom to ensure a good seal.

Watch how Yowie gets the surprise inside the chocolate in this cool video:

When you unwrap the brightly colored foil from a Yowie Surprise Inside Chocolate Egg, you get a large Yowie shaped chocolate shell. Crack open the chocolate shell to find a recyclable egg-shaped capsule. Pop open the egg for your surprise limited-edition endangered animal collectible!

Each series contains a different set of collectibles for you to discover. The Wild Water series celebrates and brings awareness to many endangered animals that live in and around our waterways. This limited-edition series features 18 animals that are on the spectrum of endangerment to learn about and collect. Try to find them all before the next series arrives!

Yowie are available online and in stores across the United States and Australia. To find Yowie Surprise Inside Chocolate treats visit our store locator.