Homemade 3D Mother’s Day Card Craft and Printable

DIY 3D Tulip Mother's Day Card

There’s nothing sweeter than a handmade gift from the heart. In this blog post, we’re showing you how to create a special 3D Mother’s Day card, with a gorgeous pop-up surprise inside! Pair it with some special Yowie treats and you’ll have a unique Mother’s Day gift for any mom in your life!

To begin, you’ll need to print out our 3D Mother’s Day card template, complete with instructions. It’s best to print this on card stock so you have a heavier base to work with.

What materials you’ll need to create a 3D Mother’s Day card:

  • Card stock
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue 

How to create a Tulip 3D Mother’s Day Card

Step One: Print both pages onto card stock from the link above.

Tulip Printable

Step Two: Get an adult to help you carefully cut out the tulip, leaves and stem from the first page. 

4 (1)

Step Three: Fold the other page hamburger-style with the greeting facing out. Flatten the crease of the card using the blunt edge of the scissors to help it stay folded well.

6 (1)

Step Four: Open your card back up and glue the stem just to the right of the crease. This will help make sure that the card still closes well. 


Step Five: Next, glue on the leaves as shown above. Allow the glue to dry before moving on to the next step.


Step Six: Fold the tulip shapes in half. Crease these as you did with the card.


Step Seven: Glue each of the tulip shapes halves together, one on top of the next to get a layered tulip design.


Step Eight: Once all of the tulip shapes have been glued together, apply glue to the blank side of one half of the tulip. You can also open the tulip up and apply glue to the whole blank backside at once.


Step Nine: Flip your tulip over, glue side down, and position it at the top of the stem. Press down firmly to attach it to the card and then let the glue dry.


Step Ten: Close and press the card, then reopen it to arrange the “petals” of your tulip. Now it’s ready to personalize and give to Mom!

Moms are special and show their love for their kids every day of the year. This handmade 3D Mother’s Day card is just one small way that you can give some of that love back. Consider pairing it with a coupon for a back massage or even some of her favorite chocolates. How do you show your mom that you appreciate all that she does? 

How to Make a 3D Mother's Day Card