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Crafts And Printables Yowie Recycled Garland

Surprise and delight with a Yowie bouquet!

In just 3 simple steps, you’ll have made the most delicious bouquet to gift to your loved ones!

  1. Choose your bouquet stems – a stick, a fairy wand or even a chopstick!
  2. Cut a large piece of paper into thirds and create a colorful design on each section.
  3. Fold each section into a cone shape around them stem and tape together.
  4. Add your favorite Yowie characters to each flower and surprise a loved one with this sweet treat!
Img Surprise And Delight

Make your own Mouse!

Make some bookmarks!

Your own Easter bookmark

Yowie Easter Bookmark Square
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Valentine’s Day bookmark

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Make your own Easter Bunny!

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Sweet Surprises

If your friends or family love scavenger hunts, then we’ve got an idea for you! Show them how much you love them with a sweet treat with a sweet message! Secretly hide some Yowie Surprise-Inside Eggs around your home with a little note of kind words. Tell her what you love most about her, and what makes her so special! Or better yet, make it a treasure hunt!

Sweet Surprises

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Make A Yowie Aquarium In Minutes

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